Statistics and information!

February 29, 2008

Good news!

Close to 200 visitors on The Fulcrum Blog!

We will be continuing the blog throughout the rest of the elections, though maybe not as thorough. We will interview every candidat.

Stay tuned: Interviews with Mel Wood coming up soon.


The Clap

February 28, 2008

People are clapping


February 28, 2008

Our next EIC for 2008-2009 is Frank Appleyard.

Counting – Results coming soon

February 28, 2008

Nick says “Pressure is on” right before going in.

Walton was overheard saying “I love democracy” before the door closed.

Voting underway

February 28, 2008

The Election committee is passing ballots on to volunteers and staff.

Closing statement

February 28, 2008

Interesting approach by Frank today. Very concise. Wants questions. Keeping everything short.

He’s talking about leadership. News. And entertainment.

Wants the Fulcrum to be the leading voice on campus.

News and Sports. Comes with the familiarity of the Unviersity. Would help editors.

Focuses on community again. A bigger role for the Fulcrum in the community. “Direction we need to go. We are one of the biggest papers in Canada.”

*People clapping*


February 28, 2008

Name one implemental example about how the Fulcrum can be more involved in the community, and explain how this justifies more money (levy)

“Guest speakers and workshops.” If we run a feature on eating disorder, there should be a panel about eating disorders with knowledgeable speakers talking about it. Gathering and sharing information with students. There are associated costs to this. That is where the levy can come in. That was exactly where the levy was coming from. We should not be handcuffed by financial restraints. It is these events that bring students together in one room. To discuss and share information.

XI – Questions

February 28, 2008

More volunteer questions.

On another note, as he’s answering this question for a second time, the mood here is quiet. People are listening. Nice atmosphere. He’s standing. Looking sharp. Didn’t sit once all day. Alternating between the two rooms here. (Yes, there are two rooms).

Four questions left.

X – Questions

February 28, 2008

Community? What do you want to do more to cover them?

“We do Sandy Hill. We do University of Ottawa.” We do an extremely good job on everything that is relavent to the Fulcrum. Weakness in covering the community? I can’t offer one right now.

IX Questions

February 28, 2008

Should editors/editors in chief? freelance for rival papers?

Talks about La Rotonde. Says it would be inappropriate for a staff of the Fulc to get paid by La Rotonde as well? Talks about his experience in the past. Wouldn’t want to limit others with those opportunities. Him as EIC will be focused on the Fulc.